My kitchen addiction

Hi, I’m Alicia and I’m a kitchen addict.

To be clear, I’m not addicted to the kitchen itself, although the hours I spent picking out my granite bench top were some of the happiest of my life.

No, I am addicted to things that live in the kitchen. Mixers, blenders, slow cookers, cutlery, baking trays, dinnerware, cake tins – the list goes on.

Forget shoe shopping, a trip to the homewares department is my cardio. I run around like a headless chook, marvelling at the different colours, patterns, gizmos and gadgets. Given I possess the dangerous combination of zero willpower and a desire for instant gratification, I choose to leave the credit card at home on most visits.

The fabulous Thermomix

So, when I was invited to a Thermomix demonstration last year I was intrigued and excited. My husband was scared.

I knew I had to have one from the moment I saw the Thermomix in action. I had already mapped out where it would live in my kitchen and began mentally planning meals I would make. Of course, the sticking point was the price. It’s almost $2,000. A huge sum no matter how you spin it.Fortunately, my 30th birthday was right around the corner and people were asking what I wanted. With the help of my generous Italian family, I now possess the ultimate kitchen appliance – Beatrix the Thermomix. Yes, I named her and yes, she’s a her because she can multitask and is self-cleaning.

I would be lying if I said I was using Beatrix to her full potential. I’m barely skimming the surface, currently using her once every few days.

My goal is to use my Thermomix at least once a day. Partly because I love trying new recipes and partly because that’s how often I promised my husband I’d use it when he was dubious about buying one. Anyone in a relationship would know, there is nothing worse than admitting that your partner was right. So I vow to start Thermomixing like a crazy person, even if it kills me!

To keep me motivated, whenever I stumble across a fabulous TMX recipe or convert one of my favourite recipes in Beatrix, I’ll post it on here.

Right now I’m off to give some banana choc chip muffins a whirl – wish me luck!


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