A dishy affair

I enjoy having friends and family over for a meal. Although it is inevitable that I will burn at least one dish or myself during preparation, the compliments I receive (okay maybe actively seek out) manage to outweigh the negatives of playing host.

Whenever I invite people to dinner, they always ask the same question, “what can I bring?”. Maybe it’s my Italian heritage or maybe it’s my stubborn pride (which I will also blame on my Italian heritage) but my answer is always the same. Nothing.

Of course, social etiquette dictates that we’ll still bring something. The wise people at Cadbury teach us this important life lesson in their latest ‘Favourites’ advertisement. Although she might have been a bit loose on morals relating to adultery and murder, Bree van der Camp would never turn up to dinner without a gift for the host. Gosh I miss Desperate Housewives. But I digress. Continue reading